How We’re Different 


The current model of care for diabetes isn't working. 

Too many diabetic patients are left to navigate care on their own and often wind up with serious diabetic complications—ones that are totally preventable with expert guidance and meaningful support. We can do better. US Diabetes Care is shifting the paradigm of diabetes care by emphasizing patient education, peer-to-peer relationships, and accountability. Here’s how.


We put relationships at the center of our care. 

Research has proven that healthy relationships have a real impact on treating diabetes. That's why we divide up our patients into peer groups—so that you are surrounded by individuals with similar diagnoses. 

Through regular group appointments, you will learn how to make sustainable lifestyle changes to reverse the effects of diabetes. And you'll enjoy a built-in support network of people who understand exactly what you are going through. 



We collaborate with your existing doctors.

Your treatment shouldn't stop once you leave the office of your primary care physician or endocrinologist. We complement their plan of care by educating you on the lifestyle changes that will stop the effects of—and even reverse—your diagnosis.


USDC_Icons_love support.png

We believe love and support are integral to treating diabetes. 

That's why we've built a community center for our patients and their families. Surrounded by individuals in similar circumstances, you'll discover the love, support, and camaraderie you need to make real changes in your life. This is where your hope for a long and healthy life becomes a reality. 



We're building you an app. (Coming soon!)

We're creating a digital tool to streamline your diabetes self-management and encourage accountability. In addition to tracking all your appointments and medications, our app will allow you to stay in touch with your peers between meetings. Having your support group in your back pocket will make it easier for you to stay invested in your journey to better health.


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