US Diabetes Care

There's never been a better time to have diabetes. 


For too long, diabetics have been left to manage their diagnosis on their own. Not anymore. We give you the knowledge, support, and love you need to improve your health and your life. 



What makes us different?

In a word, everything. It starts with our commitment to be a partner in your diabetic journey for as long as you need us.

  • In-depth continuing education on food, exercise, and lifestyle changes that will reverse the effects of your disease

  • Built-in support network of fellow patients to keep you engaged and accountable

  • Collaborative partnerships with your primary care physician and endocrinologist to ensure all of your providers are on the same page

  • A community center offering weekly dinners and free classes to you and your family


Our Services

We offer educational care from a variety of specialists in a collaborative, integrated environment.

  • Monthly group appointments with similarly diagnosed individuals to learn about all aspects of diabetes self-management, including diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes

  • In-house diabetic rehabilitation center focusing on building strength, stability, and balance

  • Prescription oversight to ensure you receive the best combination of medicine

  • Podiatry and ophthalmology specialists on site

Beyond the
doctor's office

It takes more than medication to manage diabetes. 

That's why we've built a community center where you can learn how to change your lifestyle to improve your health and quality of life. Plus, you'll be able to meet and build relationships with other diabetics who will journey alongside you to better health. 


Diabetes in Morristown, TN

The numbers tell an alarming story.
We'd like to be part of rewriting it.



The prevalence of diabetes in Morristown is 68% higher than the national average.


More than 150,000 people in this region are impacted by diabetes.


Of those impacted by diabetes in the area, 65% are prediabetic—with a good chance of avoiding Type II diabetes altogether by making changes to their lifestyle.


Ready to take the first step?