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U.S. Direct Care Services

One Hour Initial Diabetic Assessment | CDC-Certified Diabetes Care | Insurance Accepted

Care for Employers 


Faced with changes in the health insurance marketplace, economic impacts to corporations and small businesses, and overuse/inappropriate use of emergency care centers and urgent care, companies are faced with increased health care costs and increased insurance rates for its members, as well as limited access to a licensed, board certified, healthcare providers. 


Get U.S. Direct Care For Your Employees

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Comprehensive Solutions 


We have developed solutions to help businesses stay ahead of increasing health care cost trends and propose the use of U.S. Direct Care as the diabetes provider, primary care provider, and/or occupational health care provider to significantly reduce the costs associated with healthcare for its members. Many times, employees and their family members use ER’s and Urgent Care Centers as their “primary care provider”.   


U.S. Direct Care is pleased to assist you in achieving your goals for improving employee health by providing comprehensive health care for your employees (spouses and children thereof) who are covered under the employer sponsored health plan. Our goal is to reduce employer health care costs by providing comprehensive health care for your members. 

Program Highlights* 

  • Provide access to a licensed, board certified health care provider any time members need it. 

  • Provide medical care, health screening, and participation in our Wellness Program that specifically addresses behaviors that contribute to health problems such as obesity, poor nutritional habits, smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, or inadequate sleep patterns.  

  • Reduce and/or eliminate member visits to urgent care and emergency rooms. 

  • Initial visits will include comprehensive history, physical, wellness screening labs, and initiation of our wellness program. 

  • All required health screening including physical exams, diabetes, and health risk assessment, hearing tests and DOT physicals are included in this plan at no additional cost.  


*This is not a list of mandatory or required health screening examinations for covered employees as the determination of need will be based on medical necessity. 

Business Development Team

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Helen Tate

Director of Operations | Business Development


Helen Tate is a business professional with over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. She specializes and is experienced in Operations, Management, Quality and Business Development. Helen was instrumental in building a large healthcare multi-specialty group holding positions in multiple disciplines including Director of Operations, Director of Contract Management & Quality. She has worked with every aspect of the healthcare practice including practice development and expansion, provider recruitment, project and program set-up and management, provider relations while functioning as a member of the executive team.

Helen held a position with a large payer to gain experience on that side of the healthcare arena as Director of Network Operations for the State of Tennessee. She led this team in building the network of providers, repairing and maintaining relationships with existing providers across the state. She was tasked with the responsibility of working directly with the State of Tennessee on all state led programs.

Taking over as Director of Practice Management 3 years ago at U.S. Diabetes Care, U.S. Primary Care and U.S. Diabetes Care & Surgical Specialty she took ownership of the position, working closely with, as well as, valuing her team and the contributions they all make every day. Being a new practice it has grown and undergone multiple changes including adding primary care, internal medicine and other specialties/ancillary services.


In January Helen took a position with the parent company in the role of Business Development for the center and marketing our new programs. She is very excited about being able to offer access to excellent diabetes care. She also accepted the role of Director of Operations for our Morristown Center.

Helen holds a Bachelors Degree in Management from Tusculum University along with other certifications. She is a lifelong native of the East Tennessee area. Through her endeavors and experience she has developed and nurtured deep ties in the medical community as well as across the state.


Ted Schreck

Business Development

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